Digital Phone is available with your existing Doylestown number, unlimited local & long distance calling, and a host of free features. With our digital telephone equipment and any broadband internet connection, you can take advantage of virtually unlimited calling anywhere in the country for one flat fee. Plus you get Caller ID, Call Forwarding, and Voicemail in a very manageable package.


Digital Phone FAQ

What does Digital Phone Service mean for Local Phone Service?
The first and most significant change that customers can take advantage of is a lower total cost for local phone service. Doylestown Cable is offering a level of service to your area based on rates that have not changed since the 1950’s. In addition to lower costs, the features associated with Digital Phone Service are greatly enhanced giving you more choices and better technology to use every day.

What will Digital Phone Service do for you, the consumer?
By installing Doylestown Cable Digital Phone Service using your current broadband internet connection, every customer can take advantage of unlimited domestic long distance calls. It also means that we will be future proofing for changes in technology. As new services and capabilities become available, they will be delivered to the consumer. Digital Phone is the next step in service choices.

Will I still be able to use my current phone with this new technology?
It would not be a practical technology if we made customers buy new equipment. With Digital Phone, traditional phones can plug into our hardware (ATA).

Will I still get separate bills for all of my services including phone, long distance, cable and internet?
Not any more! We are able to deliver all of our services on one standard bill. This is where you will see your savings each month. We will even provide simple payment methods like online bill payment, direct account deductions, drop off, or just mail in your payments. We want you to have the option that is most convenient to you.

Do I need to have any other Doylestown Cable Service to use Digital Phone?
Doylestown Cable Digital Phone Service can be used with any broadband internet service (see terms of service). One of the greatest advantages of getting digital phone service from Doylestown Cable is that you can port your existing phone number (from Doylestown Telephone Co.) to your Digital Phone Service.