Both residential and business customers have the choice between our Digital and Traditional Phone Services. If you need help deciding which is best for you, please give us a call at 330.658.2121 or Contact Us.

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Choosing between Digital & Traditional Phone


What's the difference?

The main distinction between a traditional "land line" phone and a digital phone is the way they operate.

Traditional phones run through a large network of cable & satellite connections; your voice is transmitted into a signal which is then decoding into sound waves by the receiving phone.

Digital phones, on the other hand, runs through the internet. Instead of using signals, digital phone converts your voice into packets of data which travel over the public and/or a private Internet Protocol (IP). This is why digital phone is often termed "VoIP" which stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol.


Advantages & Disadvantages

Now that you know Digital vs Traditional is a matter of signals vs packets, it is easier to understand the advantages of each.

Digital Phone Advantages:

  • High quality audio. Data packets are far more effective in delivering an audio output that is closer to the original input, meaning clearer calls and better communication.
  • No extra long distance fees. Using the phone over the internet eliminates issues of distance, saving you money.
  • Remote access. A digital phone will work from virtually anywhere with an outlet and an internet connection. Going on vacation or working from home? Simply take your phone with you!

Traditional Phone Advantages:

  • Does not depend upon an internet connection. A reliable internet connection is crucial to digital phone. While many people need quality internet for it's own sake, if your internet connection is poor or non-existent, traditional phone is the best option for you.
  • Works during Power Outages. Powers out? No sweat: traditional phones still work. For those looking to take advantage of Digital Phone, don't let this be a deal breaker. There are many methods of keeping an internet connection on during outages, including back-up power.